RYA Training Courses

The Solent Sailing School runs a the full range of RYA sail cruising and keel boat courses. With 11 yachts and 2 keel boats in our Southampton based fleet we run multiple courses each week from RYA Start Yachting to Yachtmaster exams.


Where To Start - Which Course ? Keel Boats Or Yachts ?

A keel boat is simply a small yacht designed for day sailing. With no resources below decks such as beds, galley or toilets it is fast, fun and a great way to learn how to sail. The courses on keel boats are all 2 days in duration costing just £149 per person for the 2 days of training.
A sailing yacht is firstly more expensive due to their size allowing them to accommodate more people including bedrooms, toilets and a full galley. This means you can go further and into bigger seas. These courses are typical 5 days in duration costing from £399 per person for the full 5 day course.

The course ladder below shows you the route to take to progress.